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Friends of Tampa Bay Aquatic Preserves, Inc.
Celebrating 50 Years
50 years ago, we went to the moon! That same year, and much closer to home, the Florida Legislature established the Boca Ciega Bay Aquatic Preserve and launched our community into a new generation of environmental advocacy.

Sponsored by the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council, the Boca Ciega Bay 50th Anniversary Celebration was attended by State Officials, County Commissioners, Mayors, Municipal Elected Officials, County and City Staff. This citizen-driven and science-based program featured educational kiosks, interactive activities, a virtual reality (VR) headset experience, and special prizes. The event was held at St Petersburg College Seminole Campus and spearheaded by Friends’ life member Terry Fortner.

The honorable Roger H. Wilson was recognized for his life-long service and commitment to Tampa Bay’s natural resources. Roger served in the Florida State of House Representatives from 1968-1976, where he authored the 1969 Bill that established Boca Ciega Bay Aquatic Preserve and the 1972 Bill that established Pinellas County as an Aquatic Preserve. Due in large part to Roger’s service, there are now 42 aquatic preserves in Florida.

About the Friends of the Tampa Bay Aquatic Preserves

The Friends of the Tampa Bay Aquatic Preserves, Inc. is a 503c nonprofit organization founded in 2019. The Friends is a citizens support group that  supports the efforts of the Tampa Bay Aquatic Preserves.

As citizens who support the management and conservation of our Tampa Bay aquatic preserves, our non profit group is capable of enhancing the efforts of our governing agencies, scientists, and employees who study, administer, and care for these extensive aquatic preserves in the Tampa Bay area.
Positively Impacting Our Preserves

Cockroach Bay Aquatic Preserve

Positive impacts we provide, include:
  • Funding projects
  • Providing volunteer support
  • Advocating for preservation and restoration efforts
  • Enhancing educational curriculum in our schools
  • Providing community outreach and education